An exhibition of small found objects
Gallery 2

May 22 - July 22, 2015


The fragments on display in this exhibition are old and modest in appearance, yet their origins span the world and its history. They include shards of painted wood from a Chinese warrior’s ancient tomb, a mediaeval pilgrim’s badge, a 17th century leather sole from a child’s shoe, and a Tibetan thokcha amulet that is thought to be made from the remnants of a meteorite. 

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication that sets these curious objects in the context of some thoughts about fragments and wholeness. John Hutchinson’s essay begins with the ‘envelope poems’ of Emily Dickinson, considers aspects of German Romanticism, and ends with reflections on the non-dual philosophy of Kashmiri Shaivism. 

The exhibition and book suggest an unconventional approach to encountering the world and understanding our place within it.

Click here to view the Wooden Ships publication.