Student Forum Tour of Wild Relatives:
Laurence Counihan
Wednesday 13 February 2019, 1.15pm–1.45pm


The DHG Student Forum is a group of students and recent graduates who engage with the Gallery’s programming over 12 months.

The ‘Anthropocene’ describes the dawning of a new geological epoch, one wherein the human race exists as the principle agent of ecological change. In this conversational tour of our current exhibitions, writer and critic Laurence Counihan, whose interests include posthumanism, accelerationism and digital materialism, will use the writings of Timothy Morton and McKenzie Wark to focus on the unequal distribution of consequences (geopolitical, ecological and economic) that are typically associated with ecological cataclysm.

Laurence Counihan holds an MA in Creative Media from the Institute of Technology, Tralee, and is currently completing an MA in Modern and Contemporary Art History, Theory and Criticism at University College Cork. His research is located at the intersection between art and technology, focusing primarily on concepts relating to: systems theory and cybernetics, posthumanism, accelerationism and digital materialism.

Image: Jumana Manna, Wild Relatives, 2018. Film still, courtesy of the artist. Photography: Marte Vold.