Student Forum Tour: Aisling Ní Aodha
Wednesday 3 October 2018, 1.15pm


Aisling Ní Aodha is a third year Paint and Visual Culture Student in NCAD, as well as a member of the DHG Student Forum, a group of students and recent graduates who engage with The Douglas Hyde Gallery and its programming in different ways over a period of twelve months. These engagements include leading tours of our exhibitions, participating in reading and discussion groups, and group trips to exhibitions and events. Through these engagements, Student Forum members bring their own research and artistic practices into reflections on the artworks they see, as well as into an ongoing interrogation of the purpose and possibilities of the gallery space. 

Ní Aodha will lead a special lunchtime tour of my comfort and my joy and The Artist’s Eye: Paddy Bloomer, informed by her own research interests. She is a multidisciplinary, research-driven artist, mainly focused on the aesthetics of environmental perception. Recent exhibitions were a result of her research into the construction of the Poulaphouca Dam and its effect on the landscape.

The tour will make use of my comfort and my joy as a visual and aural outline to the notion of mythopoesis in art, what Simon O’Sullivan writes as offering “a different world to the one we typically perceive”. Through this concept, the tour will explore how McCarthy’s singing is woven with the past, present and future, and how Harahan documents the complex temporality of these songs that have historically been passed down from ear to ear, examining how my comfort and my joy is an imaginative new way of continuing a rich tradition of storytelling.

Recent works by Ní Aodha include: A Remarkable Cataract (2018), a painting show held at the National College of Art & Design, and The Ghost Hole Memory Bank (2018), a performance and installation as part of the International Literature Festival. Her written work can be found on her WordPress account, The Nameless, The Void, where she posts essays, reviews in both Irish and English, and transcripts of talks and performances.

Image: Opening night of my comfort and my joy, Seamus Harahan and Thomas McCarthy. Photography by Senija Topcic.