Gallery 2

October 9 - December 2, 2015


A stick-maker and seanchaí from Askeaton, Co. Limerick, Seanie Barron has been working on his craft for decades; it is part of a longstanding Irish tradition that he enlivens with his own inventive features such as whistles for injured walkers and 'ticklers' to hold down wire fences.

The sticks take on unusual shapes that are directly related to the materials from which they are made, including various timbers, roots, animal horns, copper pipes, and spent shells. Occasionally their handles take on strange and charming forms - a goat's head, a walrus, a badger - which seem to emerge organically and effortlessly from the wood. 

He has only shown a full selection of sticks once before, at an exhibition organised by Askeaton Contemporary Arts in 2014. The Douglas Hyde Gallery has collaborated with ACA on the accompanying catalogue for this show, which contains many illustrations, as well as a text by John Hutchinson. 

The Douglas Hyde Gallery would like to thank Seanie Barron, Michele Horrigan, and Sean Lynch for their enthusiasm and support.

Click here to view the Seanie Barron publication.


Talk - Wednesday, November 18, 1.15pm

Seanie Barron will give a talk with Michele Horrigan, from Askeaton Contemporary Arts, about his stickmaking and the exhibition in Gallery 2. He will also share some stories from his life and local folklore in Askeaton.