Gallery 1

September 30 - November 9, 2016


Samuel Laurence Cunnane is an Irish photographer who has described himself as a 'documentarian', and whose works are the result of a considered and thoughtful process of active observation. Influenced by cinema, he records quiet and easily overlooked moments of daily life, both at home and on his frequent travels. 

His subjects are deceptively ordinary and often the setting is layered or partially obscured. In this way, he reframes the familiar into something tinged with a sense of oblique melancholy. Frequently, there is a tension between recognition and obstruction that brings to mind the work of the late Luigi Ghirri, and there is often a feeling of a slowly evolving narrative which reflects some of the photography of Paul Graham, two artists who have shown in the Douglas Hyde Gallery in recent times. 

His concern for the quality of the print is clear; he speaks of 'making' rather than 'taking' pictures and uses analogue photographic methods. Modest in size, the works are printed by hand from 35mm film, usually in delicate muted colour. Cunnane's fascination with looking at the world through half-closed eyes, with sideways glances, and from fleeting viewpoints root his imagery in the fragments of everyday life. But the curiosity of his gaze highlights moments of intrigue and intimacy within these ordinary scenes.
The Douglas Hyde Gallery would like to thank the artist and Kerlin Gallery, Dublin for their enthusiasm and support. A new publication with an interview between Samuel Laurence Cunnane and Michael Hill and Rachel McIntyre will accompany the show. This is the second of a trilogy of photography exhibitions in Gallery 1.

Click here to view the Samuel Laurence Cunnane publication