Talk: Sé Merry Doyle on Looking On in conversation with Garrett Phelan
Thursday 2 May 2019, 6.30pm–7.30pm

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Released in 1983, Looking On is a documentary tracking the 1982 Looking On Festival, an event spearheaded by community activists in Dublin’s north inner city. Combining impromptu interviews, photography, music and archival footage, the observational documentary tells the story of the local working class community’s attempts to negotiate issues of housing and urban development with Dublin Corporation, through the vehicle of an arts festival.

The Artist’s Eye: Sé Merry Doyle, the exhibition currently showing in Gallery 2 of the DHG, presents the rushes (unedited footage) from Looking On. In the context of this exhibition, the DHG is pleased to welcome Sé Merry Doyle to speak about the making of the documentary and the events that it explores, in conversation with artist Garrett Phelan, who invited Merry Doyle to show his work in Gallery 2.

About the artist
Sé Merry Doyle is a documentary filmmaker, with much of his work focusing on Dublin and its inhabitants. Merry Doyle’s most personal film, Alive Alive O – A Requiem for Dublin (2001) follows the plight of Dublin’s street traders as the scourge of heroin and an onslaught of commercialism destroy their fragile culture. Merry Doyle’s feature documentary John Ford – Dreaming the Quiet Man (2010) screened in festivals worldwide and was awarded Best European Documentary for the AFI Best of Europe season. Other works by Merry Doyle include: Patrick Kavanagh – No Man’s Fool (2004); James Gandon – A Life (1996); Lament for Patrick Ireland (2010); and Jimmy Murakami – Non-Alien (2010).
Image: Sé Merry Doyle, still from Looking On (Rushes 2) aaa0462, part of The Loopline Collection preserved in the IFI Irish Film Archive. All Rights Reserved.