Two Interconnected Houses
Gallery 2

June 9 - July 12, 2011


Mark Manders, who first exhibited at the Douglas Hyde Gallery in 1997, shows regularly at major museums around the world. 'Two Interconnected Houses', a slide projection composed of photographs of the interiors of two domestic buildings that are connected by subterranean tunnels, is an important recent work that encapsulates many of the key elements of his practice. The images lead the viewer through neglected rooms, surreal juxtapositions, grimly poetic images, and apparently abandoned studio spaces filled with collected objects and ephemera. Joining the two houses and, by implication, the narrative, are the deep black tunnels, which infuse the whole with an almost palpable sense of absence and foreboding.

The Douglas Hyde Gallery gratefully acknowledges the help and support of the artist and of Frank Demaegd of Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp.