Gallery 2

August 7 - September 30, 2014


The following silent films will be screened in sequence each day:

The Lad from Old Ireland, 1910 (12 minutes)
Rory O'More, 1911 (12 minutes)
The Colleen Bawn, 1911 (41 minutes)
His Mother, 1912 (11 minutes)
You Remember Ellen, 1912 (13 minutes)
Brennan of the Moor, 1913 (30 minutes)
For Ireland's Sake, 1914 (34 minutes)
Ireland a Nation, 1914 (43 minutes)
Bold Emmett, Ireland's Martyr, 1915 (33 minutes)

These entertaining and dramatic films touch on important aspects of Irish history and literature; recurring themes include the overcoming of adversity, romance blossoming in trying circumstances, and the escape to freedom. They were mostly made in Ireland by film-makers from abroad.  

The films have been recently restored with funding from a range of organisations, including Trinity Long Room Hub. The Project Director was Professor Kevin Rockett, School of Drama, Film & Music, Trinity College Dublin, who has generously allowed us to show them. The original 16mm and 35mm film material from which these presentation copies have been made are preserved in the IFI Irish Film Archive.

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