In Light of the Lamp
A Gallery 3 Project

Monday 11 - Saturday 16 April, 2016

The Douglas Hyde Gallery presents the latest instalment of its ongoing series of temporary artistic interventions within Trinity College. For this Gallery 3 Project, we have invited Hannah Fitz to create a new installation in one of the lecture rooms in the Arts Building. The artist will subtly transform this very ordinary teaching environment and use the existing furniture and architectural features of the room as the backdrop for a new video work to be screened.

The video is an animated collage that focuses on the characteristics of objects that are typically encountered in a still life display. An actor, Isadora Epstein, attempts to be included in the imagery by interrupting the scene with her presence. This action highlights how familiar everyday items begin to be perceived differently, and take on an alternative character and physicality, when affected by human or artistic influences..

The installation will only be accessible by scheduled appointment and is strictly limited to ten guests per visit. As a result, it is essential that you book a place in advance from the following link: Please click here

The artist would like to thank Isadora Epstein, John Beattie, Linda Quinlan and Fire Station Artists' Studios. The production of this work was supported by Fire Station Artists' Studios where Hannah is currently undergoing the Digital Media Award. This project is supported by the Trinity College Provost’s Visual and Performing Arts Fund.