Works by Aleana Egan, Fergus Feehily,
Jaki Irvine, Sam Keogh, Paul Mosse

Gallery 1

August 7 - September 30, 2014


While dukkha is a Buddhist term usually translated as 'suffering', it can also refer to the pain of being born, growing old, sickness and dying, as well as to the anxiety or stress of trying to hold on to things that are transient or impermanent. For a Buddhist, the understanding of dukkha allows one to negotiate a harmonious path through life's obstacles and disappointments. 

Although the work in this exhibition is varied and does not obviously have much in common, most of it responds to the complexity of the world through the reconfiguration of familiar and everyday materials, objects, images, and actions. As in many of the shows in the 2014 programme, there is an emphasis on austerity and economy of means.

An accompanying text in the 'Leaves and Papers' series provides a perspective from which the art can be viewed; reflecting on Shinji Aoyama's film, Eureka, Yves Bonnefoy's book, The Arriere-pays, and Chris Marker's Sans Soleil, it also touches on many of the Gallery's enduring interests and concerns.

The Douglas Hyde Gallery warmly thanks the artists for their commitment and support, and gratefully acknowledges the help of the galleries and lenders who made the exhibition possible.

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