season and evening and weather and history
Gallery 1

May 20 - July 27, 2016

Caoimhe Kilfeather creates places of reflective presence; they are sparsely appointed with crafted objects that are charged with thoughts and associations. Her installations don’t draw attention to themselves, but they are nonetheless possessed of quiet strength and confidence.

Light often plays a significant part in setting their mood, and in this exhibition she has chosen to induce a feeling of liminality through an evocation of the ambivalence of dusk and dawn, the transitional hours between night and day. A generous variety of carefully made objects and images are set and hung in this new place – monochrome photographs, sculptures, weavings – and together they are suggestive of a world of reticent lyricism and melancholia that bears within it the possibility of hope and transformation. This mood, of course, is reminiscent of classic Romanticism, and combined with the modernist vocabulary of her sculptural work, it is what makes Caoimhe Kilfeather’s art unusual and so special. 

In recent years Caoimhe Kilfeather has shown widely in Ireland, and in 2014 she held a highly-praised exhibition, which was accompanied by a particularly beautiful publication, at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin. 

Click here to view the Caoimhe Kilfeather publication.