A New Tradition: Irish Art of the Eighties Audio Guide by Aisling Ní Aodha

In 1990 and 1991, five thematic exhibitions were held in The Douglas Hyde Gallery that outline 1980s art in Ireland. The archive that remains of this show held small thumbnail drawings of many of the works that were submitted. It is unknown who drew these drawings. To get a better picture of what the exhibition looked like, each artist who had a drawing of their work in the archive was contacted and asked to give a short description of the exhibition and where the work was placed. Based on the replies received from Dorothy Cross, Alice Maher, Eithne Jordan and Pauline Cummins, Ní Aodha has placed the prints of these drawings where their artwork was believed to have been shown during the exhibition. In addition, a speculative audio guide accompanies the prints. The guide will be a text written by Ní Aodha which embraces fiction, speculation and embellishment when describing these four artists’ works. The point of embracing the qualities of rumours when describing the artworks is to make a material out of the space between the archival source and its point of dissemination.